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VPN/Internet Security

To secure the transport of information over the Internet and private IP backbones, ADTRAN offers the NetVanta series of Virtual Private Networking devices.

Intergrated Access

ADTRAN's ATLAS and Total Access IADs support numerous cost-saving applications for converged voice/data networks.  A variety of capacities and interfaces satisfies numerous applications in TDM networks, while certain models provide seamless migration to ATM and softswitch architectures.

Fiber Access

Bring broadband closer to the network edge.  ADTRAN's optical product lineup includes devices for point-to-point dark fiber campus connectivity and copper to fiver conversion. 

T3 Access

Versatile, innovative products for channelized or unchannelized T3 termination  and M14 multiplexing simplify T3 connectivity, while protecting critical broadband uptime.  Products are available at extremely competitive prices.

T1/E1 Access

ADTRAN's TSU series represents the broadest line of T1/E1 termination equipment available, and the world's number one T1 DSU/CSU product line.  Models range from single-port DSU/CSUs to full-featured, multiport multiplexers/IADs.  Multiport models accept numerous application modules for voice, data, disaster recovery, and more.

Wireless Access

TRACER, ADTRAN's dual T1/E1/DS3 wireless microwave radio, supports last-mile access across geographic barriers at a price competitive with single T1 systems.

Frame Relay Performance Monitoring

The IQ performance monitoring series features intelligent, Frame Relay aware access devices that gather statistics retrievable using ADTRAN's N-From or another SNMP-based management systems.  The IQ solution helps monitor network performance, verify SLA agreements, and forecast usage trends.  The IQ 710 with Traffic Shaping also controls bandwidth at the application's source.   

Network Management

An easy to use, web enabled network management and trend analysis software suite, N-From provides at a glance network health, detailed configuration, and real-time troubleshooting diagnostics.

Remote Access/Telecommuting

A wide range of models in ADTRAN's Express remote access/telecommuting line support access to corporate resources over IDSL, HDSL, SHDSL, and ISDN circuits.

Frame Relay Access

ADTRAN's time-tested, field-proven Express 5000 series supports multi-protocol data, converged voice and data routing, and disaster recovery at speeds ranging from 56 Kbps to 512 Kbps.

ISDN Access

ADTRAN's ISU series includes cost-effective ISDN Service Units (ISUs) NTIs, and inverse multiplexers in extend and terminate ISDN Basic Rate interface services for video conferencing, disaster recovery and high-speed file transfer.

DDS Access

For the enterprise relying on the 56/64 Kbps networks, ADTRAN's field proven DSU series offers technologically advanced data transport in an economically proceed package, with network management and disaster recovery.  ADTRAN sells more subrate DSU/CSUs worldwide then any other vendor.


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